EV Charger Installation

ABC Electric are OZEV (formerly OLEV) authorised installers for EV charging points. Registration number EVHS3907

We are approved to fit all brands of charging points and have also completed additional product training from several manufacturers including Pod Point, Zappi, Wallbox, Ohme, Sync EV, Rolec and others.








Most home chargers that we fit are typically 7kW, Mode 3 models, which are also known as "smart fast chargers". Typically these will fully charge your vehicle in around 8-10 hours and have WiFi communication via an app. Energy monitoring is also available on some models, so that the charger modulates it's output dependent on your actual electricity demand, thus ensuring that the electrical supply to your property is never overloaded.

The most common option is for a Type 2 tethered connection, whereby the lead and plug are an integral part of the charger. Type 1 is an alternative plug arrangement that is also available. Untethered is where the charger has a universal socket and the plug and lead are separate to the charger, usually carried in the boot of your car. For information, almost every new EV sold in the UK has a Type 2 connector.

As an OZEV/OLEV authorised installer we can claim back a government grant of £350 for qualifying installations. To check availability either contact us for a free site survey or follow the link below: